Just Stand It Up, Aim It Right On Line and Start Rolling Putts Dead-Center.

Golfers rave about the S7K’s feel, balance & consistency from all distances. (And yes, it’s perfectly legal.)

Stand Alone Address

An ultra-light shaft and grip combined with a unique sole shape allow the S7K to stand on any green. Just set it down and line it up from behind, then step up and make a confident stroke.

Triple-Line Path Guide

Three lines on the flange make it easy to aim the S7K precisely. That’s alignment you can trust, 100%.

Stroke-Balance Construction

The S7K’s ultra-low balance point promotes better acceleration through impact for putts that hold their line and track the cup.

Deep, Fly-Cut Mill Pattern

Buttery soft on impact, the S7K delivers superior feel and feedback from all over the green.

Mid-Size, EVA Foam Grip

The brushed foam surface encourages light grip pressure; it almost feels like your hands are floating on the handle rather than clutching it.

Extreme MOI

The S7K Putter’s Moment of Inertia ranks among the highest on the market, so it’s exceptionally forgiving on miss-hits.

Use the S7K Stand Alone Putter all you want for 60 days, and return it for a refund if it doesn’t dramatically improve your putting. You can use it in tournaments, too – the S7K is approved for all play under the Rules of Golf.